The warmer weather has come around quick and you suddenly find yourself visualising summer and how you are not ready. So, what are we inclined to do? Go on a diet for the 100th time. Honestly, how long have you been trying to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get your dream body’. Does it ever actually end? […]

Life is hectic as it is. There is the stress of school, the stress of job, the stress of doing a good job, the stress of being a good parent, child, friend, employee… you name it. However, imagine, the added level of stress one has to deal with when it comes to diabetes and its management. […]

13 Reasons Why: Has Netflix Gone Too Far? Teen suicide is not glamorous. It leaves a horrific trail of devastation in its wake, with remaining family and friends left to pick up the shattered pieces that in most cases will stay broken for life. So it’s little surprise that the television series, 13 Reasons Why, […]

According to People magazine, the children of the Pitt-Jolie union have entered therapy because the “situation is traumatic. ” Well, sure it is. For starters, the price of fame means these kids will forever more be able to Google their entire family troubles, enthusiastically chronicled by a frenzied press. In today’s society, scores of reporters, […]

  New View Psychology is proud to have been included in an article by Bupa Pet Insurance on ‘The Health Benefits of Having Pets’. We share valuable information on the key clinical psychology therapies animals can supplement, as well as why your four-legged friend is giving your life advantages non-pet owners just don’t have. Read […]

Why did it take so long to see something that in hindsight seemed so obvious? The true story of Boston Globe news reporters, who uncovered a disturbing scandal happening within the Catholic Church, is told through the film Spotlight. Spotlight is part investigative drama-part unwinding horror film that follows a small team of tenacious journalists […]

Every marriage goes through periods of strain. By entering marriage counselling couples can recognize and resolve problems within their relationship. In turn this will help to improve and strengthen that relationship further. To make the most of marriage counselling, start by admitting exactly what you want to get out of it, because while a marriage […]

Life is full of ups and downs that affect our mood — sadness and helplessness are common to us all from time to time. We often incorrectly refer to these temporary states as “depression”. But depression is more than this; depression is the result of mood-regulating neurotransmitters not functioning properly. What Causes Depression? Factors that […]

It can be tough growing up. As youngsters, children are learning about where they fit in and how to interact and behave socially. Once they grow into adolescents, they are in transition to adulthood, developing their maturity and sense of identity. In both of these stages – childhood and adolescents – life throws up challenges […]

Some anxiety is normal. But if a person is suffering from irrational and excessive fear and worry, it may be a sign that they are suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental disorder in Australia, with one in four people likely to experience one of the conditions of […]

The Fault In Their Stars: How Prepared Are YOU for Teenage Cancer? Unless you’ve walked in those shoes, it’s hard to imagine how you would react if your teenage son or daughter was stricken with terminal cancer. The movie “The Fault In Their Stars,” a cinematic release popular with teen girls and young women has, […]

COMFORT EATING – MASTERING FOOD AND YOUR MOOD Turn to the fridge or the pantry because you’re stressed, bored, angry or upset? You might be stuck in an emotional or comfort eating cycle. We see many people who, when facing depression or times of stress, turn to food as a reward, for relief, or comfort. […]

Ever noticed that after touching a hot stove or receiving bruises we almost instinctively begin clutching the part of our body which was injured? That is to say we start applying some level of pressure to the bruise we received, as if hoping that by touching the injury we may gain relief from the pain we experience.