Career coaching services assist in various stages of an individual’s professional development and can begin once a candidate is in a role or prior to their commencement date.

This structured career coaching program suits employees with performance or personal issues that impact productivity.  Over a series of one on one sessions individuals will work with a Registered Psychologist in a highly confidential and supportive setting.  Although supportive, sessions are structured to be outcome focused.

Improved Career Potential:

Development coaching is aimed at assisting an individual identify their career potential.  It helps develop a greater understanding of their strengths & weaknesses and identifies improvement opportunities. Development coaching enables self-awareness of interpersonal skills and skill enhancement in how to better manage difficult situations and improve interpersonal relationships.

Enhanced Performance:

Performance coaching is goal and results oriented.  It helps individuals with goal setting and identifies any psychological blocks that may impede performance. For example, does the employee have the correct aptitude for the job and are they sufficiently motivated; do they have adequate job knowledge and training; do they have the resources to achieve their goals and are they the right person for the job (Performance Analysis Quadrant).

Change Coaching:

Change coaching assists individuals navigate change and transition in the workplace.  This type of coaching encourages individuals to develop and/or improves their leadership qualities; identify motivational blocks and limiting beliefs and assists in improving planning and execution of those plans.