New View Psychology’s outplacement services and employee transition programs provide personalised support and guidance for employees who have recently been made redundant and/or need assistance in making a career transition

Our outplacement psychologists are the experts in their field and have a wealth of knowledge across a variety of industries in both the public and the private sector. They have worked with blue collar and white collar employees including entry level staff, mid-level staff, senior managers and executive level employees.

Our consultants will provide your employees with professional, independent advice and up-to-date information on the current job market. They will advise them on how to best position themselves in the market, identify suitable job opportunities and present themselves effectively to employers.


NVP outplacement service will help your organisation:

  • Ease the distress and trauma caused by redundancy;
  • Recognize the contributions of redundant employees;
  • Maintain a professional company image and reputation;
  • Maintain the morale of existing employees; and
  • Reduce the risk of legal action by helping redundant employees move forward.


NVP outplacement service will help your employees:

  • Identify the careers and industries that best suit them;
  • Career counselling and advice on their course and employment options;
  • A professional resume tailored for their preferred industry;
  • A customized cover letter that highlights their transferrable skills;
  • Interview skills training and coaching;
  • Job search assistance and networking skills;
  • Advice on selecting and approaching recruitment agencies;
  • Set up and feedback on their LinkedIn Profile and job applications; and
  • An action plan to help them on their path to their next job.