Nobody wins when it comes to workplace stress.

Workplace stress is becoming an increasingly frequent phenomenon. For a business, workplace stress impacts overall productivity, staff retention, absenteeism and drives up the costs of WorkCover (amongst other business costs).

For employees, workplace stress affects overall mental health. It leads to depression or anxiety and may induce health impacts that negatively affect personal life as well.

Workplace Stress Triggers:

  • Job Security
  • Managing and resolving conflict
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Social environment and relationships
  • Role definition, job content or overload, and management feedback.

New View Psychology take a holistic approach to manage workplace stress. Through teaching employees long-term self-care strategies, staff move forward more effectively.

For a business, managing workplace stress means fewer work-related injuries, enhanced attendance, less staff turnover, greater productivity and improved morale.

New View Psychology employs a team of qualified, experienced Psychologists that have invaluable hands on experience in dealing with a range of workplace stress issues, including workplace injuries, workplace stress, and bullying or harassment at work.