New View Psychology offers integrated psychological appraisals conducted for recruitment or evaluating the developmental potential of current staff.

Integrated psychological appraisals help reduce costs associated with poor hiring decisions. Our clients range from large multi-national companies to smaller organisations that all agree on the importance of selecting the best candidate for the role, improving talent retention and the long term benefit of the value of the right people.

Once the integrated psychological appraisal is complete, we provide a comprehensive and objective written candidate appraisal that, combined with internal selection procedures, ensures you select the candidate who best fits your organisational culture.  We also assess the profile against the role for which they are being considered.

Integrated Psychological Appraisal Options.

Regardless of job levels, integrated psychological appraisals are valuable.

We offer three different integrated psychological appraisals based upon job level:

  • Human Resource Psychological Appraisal,
  • Executive Psychological Appraisal and
  • Senior Executive Psychological Appraisal.

Additional integrated psychological appraisal options can be customised to your specific psychological needs and budget.

To select the most appropriate integrated psychological appraisal, we recommend:

  • Salary ranges (which are provided)
  • The responsibility of the position
  • The level of risk associated with making a poor hiring decision.

We will be happy to discuss these factors with you at the beginning of an assignment.

All integrated psychological appraisals include the initial briefing with you, the candidate interview and appraisal, telephone feedback and a written report.

Integrated Psychological Appraisal Value Statement

Psychological appraisal can strengthen the assessment process in the following areas:

  • Psychological appraisals add objective data
  • A psychological appraisal is very difficult to fake
  • Psychological appraisal results allow for a more objective comparison of two candidates
  • Psychological appraisal obtains information which is otherwise unavailable
  • Choosing the “right” candidate has a direct impact on the bottom line.  Staff turnover is reduced.